🌸 Hello there, amazing person!🌸

💛 Pictures and other random stuff will be on this site soon so make sure you come back to see them soon. But just so you can get to know me better my fav things in the world are cole sprouse my family my 2 cats, sleep and travelling. I do Netball Tumbling and Dance I really love playing sports but on the other hand I also love watching things on youtube and netflix like RIVERDALE I love riverdale I love COLE SPROUSE I love JUGHEAD why is that show so good and why cant it be on everyday like really are you kinding we I want it to be on forever because its just that good.
I am in a family of 4 me my mum and dad and my 15 year old sister me and my sister are really close most of the time. My family is close mostly on one side of the family but still close I love my family because they are all so nice.
I have always wanted to travel the world and go places I have never been before. Saying that I really want to gon to america I have already been there before but I was eally young so I want to go there again. America